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DL-List and Torrent activity [Update пиров]
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Sketch 59
Год выпуска: 15 Октября 2019.
Версия: 59 (86127)
Разработчик: Bohemian Coding
Платформа: Intel only.
Таблетка: Не требуется (инсталлятор уже пролечен, K'ed by TNT)
Язык интерфейса: Английский.
Системные требования:
• macOS High Sierra (10.13.4) или более поздней версии.
• Любой 64-разрядный Intel ® Mac.
Описание: Sketch от Bohemian Coding - один из лучших профессиональных векторных редакторов под Mac OS! Мощный, простой, быстрый, гибкий редактор для дизайна интерфейсов.
Sketch имеет все необходимые инструменты для любого, даже наиболее требовательного дизайнера. Слайсы, текстовые стили, линейки, направляющие и сетки – лишь некоторые из них. Sketch умеет читать из (.sketch, .drawit, .svg), импортировать (.pdf, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif и т.д.), и экспортировать в следующие виды форматов (.pdf, .svg, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .png)

Что нового

Note: Additional info here
What's New
Version 59 - 15 OCTOBER, 2019:
What’s improved
• We’ve improved how things work when you drag layers out of an Artboard. They’ll no longer stay arranged within their previous Artboard in the Layer List.
• We’ve improved the behaviour around Smart Distribute spacing handles, so when you click on a handle, we won’t adjust the spacing until you start dragging to avoid any unwanted changes.
• To help you get to grips with the new Smart Layout features we launched in version 58, we’ve added a new tutorial template. You can find it under the Templates tab in the documents window.
• We’ve tidied up Smart Distribute reordering handles so they no longer show if your selection is so small that they interfere with their surrounding resizing handles.
• With the introduction of Smart Layout, we’ve removed the behaviour that would occur if you placed a small layer less than 20px from a text layer to have it move along when overrides changed the text layer’s size. You can achieve the same result with even more control using Smart Layout instead.
• For developers, we’ve added a new sketchtool detach command that creates a self-contained Sketch document from any document using Symbols and Shared Styles.
• We’ve introduced a new API that gives plugin developers even more power when it comes to responding to document changes. The new onDocumentChange handler lets plugins listen for new layers being added, existing layers being deleted or rearranged within the layer list, as well as layer attribute changes such as fill and border styles or Symbol override values. Check out the sample plugin to see how it works.
• If you’re exporting two-point lines as SVGs, they’ll now export as elements instead of as paths.
• We’ve given the typeface picker in the Inspector a fresher look and made previews more legible. And if you select a text layer and open it up, it now scrolls to show you the selected typeface right in the middle of the list.
What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug where Color Adjust settings would be enabled in the Inspector any time you imported bitmaps. Now you’ll only see these settings when you enable them.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if you flattened combined shapes that featured multiple open paths.
• Fixed a bug that meant you’d see the wrong Text Style in some cases when you were editing an override on the Canvas.
• Fixed a bug where highlights for text overrides on the Canvas wouldn’t always update to fit their text when the Symbol they involved used Smart Layout settings.
• Fixed a bug where previews of text overrides that used a missing font wouldn’t display correctly in exports and uploads to Cloud.
• Fixed a crash that could occur on macOS Catalina 10.15 for Macs with NVIDIA graphics.
• Fixed a bug that meant some files took too long to open and caused Sketch to hang or not respond.
• Fixed a bug where some color presets might not show up if you hadn’t changed the default preset name.
• Fixed a bug where some custom shortcuts would not work until you used the option from the main menu first.
• Fixed a bug where setting an override to none in a vertical Smart Layout would shrink the overall width to 0.
• Fixed a bug where text styles wouldn’t look right if you opened a document in macOS High Sierra that was last saved on macOS Catalina.
• Fixed a bug where moving a shape up and out of a group (or Artboard) would unexpectedly create a combined shape that looked like the layer was hidden or repositioned. Now that layer should move to its new place in the Layer List as you’d expect it to.
Version 58 - 17 September, 2019:
Introducing Smart Layout: With Smart Layout, we're making Symbols more powerful and supercharging your workflow when it comes to using them in your designs. With it, you can set a direction for Symbols to resize when you change their overrides, while keeping the spacing between different layers in that Symbol consistent. Better still, you can set different Smart Layout settings for Nested Symbols and even groups within Symbols. It's incredibly powerful and we can't wait to see how it'll improve your workflow.
What’s improved:
• We've made the Welcome Window better, bigger, cleaner and more snappy. You can browse your Cloud documents by Project in a new sidebar on the left, and we've given thumbnails plenty more space so you can see more of your documents without scrolling.
• Along with browsing Projects in the Welcome Window, you'll now have the option to pick a Project when you save a new Cloud document for the first time.
What’s fixed:
• Fixed a bug where Sketch would believe you were offline and not allow you to upload new Cloud documents after you put your Mac to sleep or temporarily disconnected from the internet.
• Fixed a bug where text overrides might reset or clear themselves if you clicked in and out of a text override field in the Inspector.
• Fixed a bug where Symbol instances on your Canvas would not pick up changes you made to a text layer in that Symbol's master.
• Fixed a bug where you might see the Canvas flash if you switch from a different app to Sketch when it's in full screen mode.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if you created a particularly big grid.
• Fixed a bug where resizing multiple layers with a small width or height but large distance between them would cause either their height or width to increase unexpectedly.
• Fixed a bug where performing a Union operation on straight lines would make the combined shape disappear.
• Fixed a bug where an artboard you hovered over wouldn't highlight when if you were in Prototyping mode.
• Fixed a bug where your Show Layer Selection preference would reset itself when you restart Sketch.
• Fixed a bug that could result in Sketch failing to respond (hanging) in a few different situations. If you've been in touch about Sketch being unresponsive, this one is for you.
• Fixed a few different bugs related to how nested overrides highlight when you select them on the Canvas. If you'd selected a nested override and couldn't see it highlighted on the Canvas properly, you'll be pleased to know this update puts that right.
• Fixed a bug that could cause performance issues and slow things down if you selected certain Symbol masters with complex overrides.
Version 57.1 - 15 August, 2019:
• Bug Fixes: This update fixes a bug where selections on the Canvas could appear offset from your cursor, a crash that could occur when switching between Layer Styles with certain names, and a crash that could occur in documents with certain Boolean Operations.
Version 57 - 14 August, 2019:
What’s improved
• If you use the arrow keys on your keyboard with the Rotate tool to adjust a layer, we’ll now hide the selection handles and show the right values in the Inspector.
• Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between solid and gradient presets in the Color Popover, so we’ve given them their own their own headings to make it easier to find what you need.
• You can now paste rich text from the Clipboard directly into the Canvas by choosing Paste as Rich Text in the Edit menu. Previously, we only enabled this in text editing mode, but now it’s always there.
• We’ve changed a few arrangement shortcuts. Send Backward is now ⌘ [ and Bring Forward is ⌘ ]. Send to Back is now ⌘ ⌥ [ and Bring to Front is ⌘ ⌥ ]. If you’d like to use the old shortcut or something totally different, you can create custom keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences.
• We’ve made it easier to work with very large grids. Scrolling around them, moving them and changing colors should all feel faster and smoother.
• You can now set a default layer style from the Layer menu in vector editing mode if you’ve selected a single path or shape group.
What’s fixed
• Fixed a bug where you might see the wrong cursor if you hover over Inspector labels with your language set as Chinese.
• Fixed a bug where the Layer List would scroll to the top if you hit Undo in a document with a long list of layers.
• Fixed a bug where Smart Distribute handles could look squashed if you launched Sketch on a Retina display then moved the document to a non-Retina display.
• Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t see a proper preview of your work in Quick Look in the Finder.
• Fixed a bug where where you couldn’t insert an image by selecting one from your Photos Library in the Finder sheet. This might mean we’ll ask for permission to access your photos if you haven’t granted it already.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if you tried to apply an Outer Border to certain paths.
• Fixed a bug where an Artboard might lose its preset if you converted it into a Symbol.
• Fixed a bug where a landscape Artboard might unexpectedly switch to portrait if you held shift and dragged to resize it.
• Fixed a bug where images might not be properly included as part of a group if that image overlapped with a nearby Artboard.
• Fixed a bug where inserting a line while holding shift wouldn’t always respect pixel rounding.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when you try to print or adjust your print settings.
• Fixed a bug where pressing Control and Option keys at the same time wouldn’t correctly show the distance between a text layer’s baseline and another text layer’s cap height.
• Fixed a bug where a Cloud Library update would fail because of an incorrect version/compatibility number. We’ll also be clearer in telling you when a Library is incompatible.
• Fixed a bug where you couldn’t set any border position other than inner as part of a default layer style.

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Sketch 59 [Intel] [TNT] скачать торрент бесплатно и без регистрации

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